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  • Szymel slippers art.4001


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    Szymel Demies for quality. The Szymel brand pays great attention to the quality, convenience, Komfort and design of the goods. All products are handmade, made in Poland, where the journey of this brand began. All products are made of organic, natural sheep felt. Slipper soles are made of profiled rubber and felt, so you will have slippers that will be sliding resistant. The external material of the goods is certified footwear felt from Polish manufacturers. Slipper insoles of natural sheep felt are profiled under the heel at a height of 1 cm, which significantly increases comfort, due to the fact that the sole is not flat as the board. The liner is 100% made without the use of glue, so you will have no contact with chemical, unnatural substances. The slippers are extremely lightweight and durable.