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For men

Indoor slippers for men | Szymel official representative!

The official representative of the Szymel brand in Lithuania, all Szymel men's products are in this category. Here you can find men's wool slippers that are made to all the standards set by the European Union. Lightweight, especially comfortable natural wool slippers for men. All Szymel products are made in Europe. The sole of this shoe is made of natural rubber, which is extracted from * Rubber *. Wool felt is imported from Italian suppliers. Men's szymel slippers are perfect as a gift! Whatever the time of year, SZYMEL slippers are a great choice for everyone. When you want warmth and coziness in winter, a pair of SZYMEL slippers will take care of the warmth of your feet. This can be a great purchase not only for you but also for your family members. In the warmer seasons, a high-quality natural felt felt will adapt to your body temperature, preventing your feet from getting wet and wet. One pair of high-quality SZYMEL slippers will serve you for many years. Virtually maintenance-free slippers will always look like new. This is a practical and long-lasting pair of slippers that you will not be disappointed with.


  • Wool Slippers

    Szymel wool slippers for men - natural wool felt slippers, perfect for both summer/spring, winter and autumn seasons. Felt made of natural wool has a special property that prevents feet from sweating, because wool is an excellent conductor of moisture. Unlike leather slippers, wool slippers are much lighter and keep your feet from sweating. Also, wool felt is an ecological material, unlike leather. Szymel woolen slippers for men. In this product category you will find all men's szymel slippers. Most of the products of this manufacturer are "universal", so slippers are produced from 36 to 46 sizes. All Szymel products are made from natural wool felt, which is imported from Italy and processed in Poland.

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