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  • Szymel slippers art.4001

Szymel felt slippers

About our products

  • 1. Material for uppers 80% wool felt, certified by an Italian manufacturer, weight 800g / m2
  • 2. Attested with a cotton trim from a Polish manufacturer.
  • 3. Removable profiled insert felt, certified by a Polish manufacturer, covered with PVC material also by a Polish manufacturer (technology without glue), it cannot be detached from the felt.
  • 4. Material for soles Polish manufacturer of PVC granules used for footwear.
  • 5. All threads of the Polish producer. We have PZH or European approvals for all materials from which we produce our goods. Our materials are 100% suitable for footwear production, so they are of the highest quality. The product is formed into a shape specially designed by us. All applications are sewn from templates which makes them unique and laborious.

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